Michelle Carter - Divine Energy Channel
Michelle Carter - Divine Energy Channel
Michelle Carter

Welcome to Michelle Carter - Divine Energy Channel

Join our safe space for tips on frequency, healing & ascension. Have fun & chat with like minded Light Souls! As we raise our own frequency, we raise the Collective Frequency & make Our World a better place to live. 💜

About Us

Michelle channels and uses Pure Divine Frequency to remove low and unwanted energies, emotions and patterns from your energy and add Pure Frequencies so you can attract good to you and stop living and attracting the bad!

She has been channeling Pure Energies since 2013 and has seen the powerful results it brings to those who work with her.

Michelle believes Pure Energy can change our World and the way we live!

Why You Should Join Us

This is a safe place to learn about frequency and how you can heal yourself, your mind, emotions and body using frequency, whilst meeting like minded Light Souls.

Everything is easier when we  share our experiences and feel supported. Raise your frequency, have fun, and feel supported to make those dreams come true! ✨ 💜✨

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being here!

Your enthusiasm uplifts and inspires me and that flows back to all of you, and we are raising the frequency of the world and the collective with high energy, intentions, dreams and actions!